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With SHINE we want to change the life of one person at a time and change the journey of children through their parents. It started in 2018 as part of our giving back and has been evolving thanks to all of our participants: speakers, teachers, and students.


We have learned from each and every one to offer a complete program that focuses in the person as a whole to become a fulfilled member of our community.


Shine is a training and learning center focused on transforming the Mexican community, generating a change of attitude, inspiring them to improve their living conditions emotionally, professionally and economically to build a better family impacting directly on their children and in turn a better community.


Shine is a community of people where we are part of a team that encourages each of its members so they can find their full potential and achieve their dreams. 


We believe each person can Shine like a star, everyone is bright and has a glow of her own. Sometimes we just need this community that believes in us and that holds us.

Meet the Stars


"Thanks to Shine, to this great team for everything they have done for me and my family, they changed my life"

Our Progam



Professionals specialized in different areas, share their time and knowledge for Shine women and people in the community.

Sewing classes

Sewing classes are given to Shine students, by a fully trained teacher, so they learn a new skill that allows them to improve their lives in a safe environment creating a sense of camaraderie.

Reusable bags

Shine women are producing our popular colorful mesh bags to promote less plastic use. They are cute, useful and you are helping the planet by avoiding single use plastic bags.

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