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When we created Shine, we had in mind to create a safe and inspiring space for people to develop in different aspects, where they could improve and become a better person. A comfortable space to be you, to learn and to ask questions. So in addition to the sewing classes, Shine consists in Talks, Q&A Sessions and Workshops, given by different experts in different subjects. We believe there is a great benefit in being in a space where you absorb the energy of experts and other individuals. Talks and sessions are an investment to grow and personal development.

Seminars of the Month


“Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate Love.”


Meet The Experts



Renata Mohar

Psycotherapist Gestalt, yoga instructor, certified in positive discipline, trained in couples therapy, passionate of mental and emotional health. Her experience is in both corporate and in private practice.

Emergency Prevention

Gerardo Quirarte

Author, speaker and expert advisor in Civil Protection. With experience in Emergency Administration, Social Development, and counselor for companies and associations, both in public and private sector.


Ale Martínez

Clinical dietitian, with experience teaching in Nutrition and Gastronomy Degrees, gives lectures and workshops on nutrition, radio broadcaster, founder and leader of local group of runners, and has her private practice. Her experience is in both corporate and in private practice.

Special Education

Marina Hagerman

With a special education degree, experience in autism and down sindrome education and integration, preschool monitor and teacher, speaker at conferences.
Principal of inclusive preeschool.

Psychologist Sexologist

Elena Rojas

Psychologist and sexologist, specialized in gender equality, and couples therapy. With experience in private and public practice. Owner of Educasex, store and company that promotes sexual education.


Andrea de la Mora

Engineer by profession, with accounting and finance degree. She is a finance expert, with experience in managing accounts and business administration.

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